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Food Waste Unpacking

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The FAO (part of Nation Unit Organization) evaluate that about 1,3 billion of tons of food is every year rejected and throw away during the different phases of the food supply chain.

While describing the dynamics connected with the food waste, is right to distinguish two fundamental concepts between “food losses (scrap)” e “food waste (waste)”:

  • the scrap is made from the quantity of comestible food loosed during the production chain;
  • the waste represents the food which is not eat after it’s introduction in the market, which mean during the distribution and domestic consumption.


The Eraser by SA Eng have to scope to recovery the waste (food waste), separating from it’s package and allowing it’s reuse and the consequential reduction of the volume which will be destinated to the landfill

The food waste, arriving from Supermarket or food companies, are treated with the aim to separate the organic fraction from it’s own package, obtaining:
  • Organic fraction to send at Biogas systems for obtain electricity and compost;
  • Package fraction to send at a recycling system for the plastics or to energetic recovery (incineration) if nor recyclable.
The application sectors of the Eraser by SA Eng are various as:
  • Treatment of food waste;
  • Treatment of industrial scraps as pesticides, cosmetics or similar;
  • Treatment of drinks on bottles or cans;
  • Treatment of pulper from paper factories;
  • Treatment of drywall;
  • And many others.


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