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Tires shredding

sistemi triturazione pneumatici

Through the shredding and granulating systems, the tires are reduced to the appropriate size to allow the re-use. By the treatment of post-consumer tires will be obtained rubber crumbs and powder.

The plant, completely designed and manufactured by SA Eng on specific customers request, foresee the treatment of :

  • Car and truck tires
  • Agricultural machines
  • OTR tires from hearth moving machines.

The shredders and granulators used by SA Eng, are machines specially designed for the treatment of old tires.

Obtained final product are:

  • Tires of simple volumetric reduction
  • Rubber chips to be sent to incineration
  • Crumbs and powder for production of alternative products (i.e. mats, etc..)

SA Eng is continue developing new technologies for the treatment of rubber and tyres.

Cleaning system for the textile fraction removal to increase the selling value of the material, manual or automatic debeader for truck tires, systems for the treatment of OTR tires, are some examples of the new technology which SA Eng is introducing in the market.  


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