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Oil Filter Recycling

riciclaggio filtro olio

Filters from the automotive industries (car and truck) and industrial machinery (Earth movement, dumpers, generators, etc..) used for the oil, diesel and petrol filtration.

Those are made by:

  1. External casing made of iron
  2. Flange / connection screws
  3. Filter element
  4. Rubber seal
  5. Oil, diesel and gasoline


SA ENG offers automatic or semi-automatic plants for shredding, oil separation and metal recovery.

The material to be processed is fed into the shredder, which reduce it to a suitable size for further processing, as:

  • Liquid separation
  • Separation of ferrous metal fraction
  • Separation of non-ferrous metal fraction


All separated liquids are collected and brought to relevant collection tanks. While the different materials are discharged directly into dedicated containers 


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