Sa Eng soluzioni ambiente

Plastics Materials Shredding

triturazione materie plastiche

SA Eng. designs and manufactures machines stand-alone and complete installation for the hazardous waste treatment.

Plastic is the material recoverable and reusable for excellence. Its recover means environmental safeguard.

Thanks to the SA Eng systems, it is possible to shred different kind of plastics for post recovery systems.

Typical the systems are conceived for the shredding of:

  • Fruit and vegetable crates
  • Bottles
  • Flacons
  • Car bumpers
  • Drums
  • And many others


An example of a complete system is:

  • Industrial Shredder SA2-1300 fitted with 30mm blades
  • Conveyor belt complete with magnetic overbelt
  • Granulation mill with screen
  • Washing and separation system
  • Drying centrifuge
  • Stocking


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