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SA.Eng sells and manufactures plants for tire shredding: through the use of appropriate shredding and granulation systems, the tires are reduced to the appropriate size to allow the re-use. By the tires shredding, we obtain granules that vary from 0,5mm to 6mm and powder.

The plants for tire recycling involve four processing phases: shredding, grinding, iron removal and cleaning.

Tire disposal is a serious problem both from an environmental point of view, as it is a material with poor biodegradability and made of long lasting tires, and due to the space that they take up in landfills
Tire shredder machines by SA.Eng are the solution, with zero emission and manufacturing in compliance with current regulations. 

Which kind of tires are treated in our plants?
A plant for tire shredding entirely designed and manufactured by SA.Eng, foresees the treatment of:

  • Car and truck tires
  • Agricultural machines
  • OTR tires from hearth moving machines

Tire shredding produces materials and substances that can be used in other production processes.  

The tire shredders used by SA.Eng are machines specifically designed for processing old tires. Tire treatment is one of the waste recycle services offered by SA.Eng 

Final products that can be obtained are: 

  • Tires of simple volumetric reduction
  • Rubber chips to be sent to incineration
  • Crumbs and powder for production of alternative products  
  • Tarmac, race tracks
  • Sound proofed material

SA.Eng designs tire shredders with a look to the future
At SA-Eng we keep on developing new technology for tire treatment and we are trying to introduce new systems of recycle of tires, such as cleaning systems to remove the textile fraction that can increase the nominal value of the material. Furthermore, among other technologies, we include a manual or automatic truck tire bead breaker and tire treatment units OTR (for which demand has increased worldwide).

Since the 90s, tire shredding has improved greatly: before, most tires were sent to landfill; today, instead, the level of tire recycling has increased. That’s why SA.Eng works on designing and selling tires shredders: thanks to tire recycling it is possible to recover nearly 80% of the material for the construction of further tires.  

SA.Eng provides tailored solutions for tires shredding. It has always considered the customer’s needs, ensuring the study and design of tailor-made tires shredding. SA.Eng offers “turnkey” installation of plants for tires shredding. The support and services offered by SA.Eng for the installation of tires recycling machines make it unbeatable, not only technically, but also ethically and environmentally, also due to its certifications. 

Which kind of assistance is given by SA.Eng after the installation of tires shredding plants?
During after sales of plants for tires shredding, SA.Eng can replace worn out components with new ones: the spare parts warehouse has always available the so called “essential spare parts”. Installation service for the spare parts in stock is also available.
We can also provide training for workers in the use of tire shredders. This allows our customer to save by proceeding directly to the replacement of worn out parts and by quickly identifying possible machine malfunctions.

In this page we spoke about tires shredding
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