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SA.Eng sells and produces plants for oil filter recycling and it is expert in the design of plants for oil filter recycling

The automotive industry equips cars, trucks, industrial vehicles such as dumpers, earth movers, and generator sets with devices for filtering oil, diesel and petrol. These are not easily discharged: SA.Eng deals with those oil filters recycling. 

What is the filters composition?
Recycling plants are used for oil filters, which are composed of:

  1. Sheet iron outer casings;
  2. Flanges and/or connecting screws;
  3. A filtering element;
  4. A rubber gasket;
  5. Diesel or petrol.

SA.Eng offers automatic or semi-automatic plants for shredding, oil separation and metal recovery in oil filters.

Processing and oil filters recycling involves placing the materials to be treated in the shredder, which then reduces them volumetrically. This treatment is used to create a suitable size for further processing, as:

  • Liquid separation
  • Separation of ferrous metal fraction
  • Separation of non-ferrous metal fraction

All separated liquids are collected and brought to relevant collection tanks. While the different materials are discharged directly into dedicated containers.

What are the advantages of plant for oil filter recycling of SA.Eng?
SA.Eng provides the installation of plants for oil filter recycling always in compliance with current regulations. Manufacturing and selling of oil filter recycling systems are done in compliance with security regulations established by law. 

What’s more, SA.Eng, working with your Team, can design projects for tailor-made systems.
SA.Eng and its workers take into account the customer’s needs by realising an ad hoc study to design plants for oil filter recycling based on each enquiry and need. The installation of plants for oil filter recycling happens always in compliance with current regulations. 

SA.Eng is a reliable supplier, with great attention to the details and that offers plants for oil filter recycling maintaining good value for money Furthermore, we offer “turnkey” installation for plants for oil filter recycling.

Oil filter recycling and environment.
Waste oil is a highly polluting liquid and must therefore be disposed of through specific processes. Mere car oil cannot be disposed of in a DIY way, and neither can industrial oil filters. Therefore, companies need to engage with industries such as SA.Eng, which build plants for oil filter recycling.  

Consider that just 1 kg of waste oil, leaked into the environment, pollutes 1,000 cubic metres of water. Oil recycling is then of vital. Burn waste oil is also dangerous, since the smokes emitted are highly carcinogenic. It is thus imperative to find a reliable partner such as SA.Eng to dispose of this particular waste.

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