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SA.Eng produces and sells plants for the treatment and recycle of wood, with more than twenty years of experience in the production of machines dedicated to the recycle of wood waste
The plants for the recycle of wood waste are shredders and refiners. Their work consists in treating the wood of post - consumption, by making it reusable.  

Why is it easy to recycle wood waste?
The recycle of wood waste is easily possible because wood is a hygienic material and easily cleanable. Each type of wood has its own characteristics: some could be more elastic and easier to treat, others could be harder. 
If dumped in landfills, wood releases carbon dioxide and methane, two gases that cause the greenhouse effect. That’s why it is important to deal with the recycle of wood, and SA.Eng is here to help you archive that.  

What are the phases of the recycle of wood waste?
The recycle of wood waste presents the following phases:

  • Reduction in volume: firstly, the wood packaging is reduced in volume to facilitate transport and processing.
  • Cleaning: wood is washed; cleaned and foreign bodies such as nails and pebbles are removed.
  • Shredding: through mechanical processes of shredding, wood is reduced in tiny pieces called chips.
  • Drying: after obtaining sufficiently small fibres, the wood is sent to a dryer and then it undergoes a second dry cleaning. 

What plants are used for the treatment and recycling of wood? 
Treatment plants of wood designed by SA.Eng are all part of a new line of machines. These plants for the recycle of wood are entirely dedicated to the treatment of two kinds of waste: plant waste or construction wood.  
The machines for the recycle of wood are part of the SACR line and are specifically designed for shredding wood. As a result, they can obtain a volumetric reduction. In the machine line of SA.Eng, there are models solemnly dedicated to the treatment of wood

By reducing the volume of waste, it is possible to separate any metal or plastic fractions that may have remained hidden. By combining the machine with metal separation systems (magnetic overbelts) or systems for the separation of any non-ferrous metals, the material is so clean that it can be reused for various applications such as:

  • Combustion through the production of briquettes, pellets or similar;
  • The production of chipboard panels using appropriate production systems;
  • Sending (vegetable) wood to composting plants. 

Recycle of wood waste means to improve the air quality and to have both economic and ecological benefits. With the plants produced by SA.Eng you can contribute to saving the green in the world thanks to machines designed to the reuse and recycle of wood.
SA.Eng is the perfect solution to the recycle of wood and much more. Innovation and flexibility are the distinguishing features of SA.Eng in tackling and solving a wide variety of recycling problems.

What are the objects from which wood is recycled?

  • Pallets
  • Furniture
  • Fruit and vegetable crates
  • Industrial waste
  • Beams
  • Boxes

SA.Eng can offer technical assistance on each installation, granting a great value-for-money. Furthermore, the installation of plants for the recycle of wood waste happens in total security and in compliance with the current norms. Machines built with double or single shafts make different configurations possible, adaptable to the operational needs of each individual customer.

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