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The production of paper and cardboard recycle plants is one of the main activities at SA.Eng, a company dealing with waste disposal. Paper and cardboard have a strong impact today, as these materials are present in everyday activity. The main activity that has always involved paper is reading, today, the consumption of reading paper has decreased, but there has been a sharp increase in the use of packaging cardboard.

Paper and cardboard are already selected in the waste collection stage, but will have to be even more separated so as to increase their commercial value. SA.Eng can do that thanks to its paper recycling plants. Thanks to the semi-automatic and automatic systems designed by SA.Eng, it is possible to separate the different types of paper (printed or white) and cardboard

The advantages of recycling paper and cardboard are numerous: incinerators activities are avoided, lesser trees are cut down, and lesser waste is produced. Moreover, thanks to paper and cardboard recovery, it is possible to regain that part of the material normally used in the shipping industry, such as boxes or packaging in general.

In the ongoing technological evolution that characterises SA.Eng, the company has also introduced on the market a new machine for the treatment of cardboard cores.  
Thanks to the shredder series T-T, it can be processed cores of any dimension regaining remarkable spaces

How does the shredder series T-T works for the recycle of paper and cardboard?
The shredder series T-T for the recycle of paper and cardboard is an intermediate model called TT250. Thanks to which it is possible to process paper cores with diameters up to 220mm but with no limit in length (even 6 meters). The treatment of paper and cardboard is possible thanks to an automatic system of load and management of shattering.  
The cardboard cores, once introduced into the TT250, are automatically brought to the shredding zone, which, using a shaft equipped with interchangeable plates, allows a volumetric reduction of the cardboard core. The dimension of paper and cardboard after the shattering is constant and adequate to allow it to be handled by air or conveyor belt transportations. Its destination is the powering of a compacting press. 

For many years SA.Eng operates both on national and international fields. Our activity has 25 long years of experience in paper and cardboard recycling field. We offer standard solutions for paper and cardboard recycling as well as the chance to realise a personalised plant through the study of the specific needs of each client by our Team. 

Why choosing SA.Eng plants of paper and cardboard recycling?
Because SA.Eng offers plants for recycling of paper and cardboard with the “turnkey” solution, including accessories and security systems, and in compliance with current norms and regulations. 
The life of shredders is extremely variable, based on the kind of material treated.  
This ranges from 6/8 years for machines processing hazardous and corrosive materials to 15/18 years for machines processing plastic or similar materials. 
When you choose your supplier, please give particular attention to the technological evolution of machines that after 5/6 years become almost outdated at electronic l level, even if the spare parts are granted according to the law. SA.Eng takes always care of its customer and technical assistance to face any request.  

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