SA. ENG S.r.l.

Quality Policy

SA Eng. is an Italian company founded on the 20-year experience of its owner in the recycling field. The company produces electrically powered industrial shredders with 1, 2 and 4 shafts with power values from 4 Kw to 350 kW, as well as complete plants to recycle different materials from the collection of industrial and urban waste.
Thanks to experience gained in the sector over time, the company has been able to develop new technologies and systems for treating a vast range of materials that can be recycled in order to be reused and converted into new products.
The waste recovery, treatment and recycling processes are completely safe and environmentally sound. The machines are assembled in compliance with all safety and environmental protection regulations.
SA Eng. supports and assists customers in making the right choice and respecting their needs. We do not operate on a one-solution-fits-all basis, but rather create custom solutions for each specific request.
In addition to the domestic market, the company also operates in Europe and on international markets with direct customers, agents and exclusive distributors. With quality, seriousness, innovation, and flexibility, SA Eng. manages and solves a vast range waste recycling problems.
The main sectors in which it operates include:

  • Industrial/urban waste shredding
  • Wood shredding
  • Electronic waste shredding
  • Hazardous waste shredding
  • Paper shredding
  • Plastic and textile shredding
  • Tyre shredding
  • Shredding of ship-board waste

To maintain and develop its presence on the market, SA Eng.:

  • thoroughly investigates the needs and requirements of our customers by listening and communicating, in order to offer them maximum satisfaction;
  • presents functional solutions at competitive prices;
  • studies new solutions and technologies to always be at the forefront and pursue innovation;
  • builds and maintains a reputation based on experience, competence and professionalism.

SA Eng. has developed and maintains a quality management system to support, coordinate, manage and improve, through which to:

  • ensure the integration of the quality system requirements into business processes, in order to comply with mandatory regulations and achieve the expected results;
  • involve, guide and support the people who take part in rendering the quality system effective;
  • promote the use of the process-based approach and risk-based thinking;
  • define quality objectives in line with the context and corporate strategic guidelines;
  • make the necessary resources available for proper operation of the quality system;
  • collaborate with suppliers in order to establish mutually beneficial partnerships;
  • monitor and optimise business processes;
  • apply the principle of continuous improvement, in order to become a point of reference for our customers.


General Management
Luca De Pieri