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The solution NOT ONLY for cardboard cores


01 June 2023

SA. Eng. Srl supports and helps customers in finding the solution that best suits their needs. There is no single solution, but customized solutions for each specific request.

From this concept born the new cardboard cores crusher, the “TT” series. Created exclusively for the treatment of large cardboard cores which, if treated using traditional systems, would require much higher investments.

Thanks to the new TT250 and TT450 models, the cardboard cores are crushed by engaging a single operator for a few hours a day and obtaining a final material which can be packed for shipment.

The use of an adequate power and an electro-pneumatic configuration for the management of the material load, allows to work with the same machine, pipes having different diameters and lengths. The machine has been conceived and designed for different types of applications and hourly throughputs. The basic version is suitable for all corrugated cardboard production companies, which often face high costs for their disposal.

  • The advantage of considerably reducing the space used for storage
  • Obtaining a material to be sent to the press without further steps and costs
  • Being able to handle cores of different sizes
  • Low electricity consumption

These are just some of the advantages of using the “TT” series crushers.

2023 will also see the presentation of the evolution of the crushing machine.

  • Plastic pipes with diameters up to 300 mm


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