SA. ENG S.r.l.



02 April 2016

OTR shredding made by SA Eng

Many shredder’s producer are speaking about tires shredding, but is not so easy. Different kind of tires, different needs of the clients, various difficulty to keep the running costs at an adequate level.

Power of the machines, size of the cutting chambers and type of material for the blades are the focal point to be considered for the choice of the right shredding unit.

SA Eng as well as designing customized solutions, while respecting the specific needs of each client, is able to supply the machines for the shredding of OTR tires.

This is possible thanks to the

Shredder SA2-2000 XXL

Cutting chamber size 2000 mm x 1300 mm

Installed power 360 kW

All to ensure the final result and costumer satisfaction.