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Each request is a challenge, and each challenge an opportunity: SA.Eng designs and sells special installations tailor-made for its customers. 

Research and development are activities carried out in our offices and SA.Eng considers all the requests coming from companies that reach out through:

  • Evaluation and study of the customer’s request and needs in the technical department; our engineers will evaluate the possible solutions for the processing of the material based on the request received;
  • Specific research about the type of material to be treated;
  • Technical evaluation of the possible solutions; 
  • Testing new machine develop and/or modification of existing SA.Eng has its own test centre on site, so two-shaft shredders, single-shaft shredders, screens and more are available to check the different work steps. Thanks to SA.Eng test centre, the materials to be treated can be tested directly on the production machines. You will obtain immediate data and results on viability and final product.
  • Offering the customer the chosen solution for material processing. Thanks to research and testing, we can ensure the required and verified final results.

Special installations for hazardous waste.
Particular attention is paid to special installations for hazardous waste, that SA.Eng designs and delivers with careful attention to operators safety and work environment. SA.Eng works with special installation, following ad hoc projects manufactured for its customer.  
Hazardous waste treatment is our “favourite” application; we pride ourselves on a team with more than 20 years of experience in the waste treatment sector that evaluates each individual request to determine whether it is feasible. 

What are the advantages of special installations of SA.Eng?
Innovation and flexibility are the distinguishing features of special installations at SA.Eng, experts in tackling and solving a wide variety of recycling problems. SA.Eng can offer technical assistance on each special installation, granting a great value-for-money.

SA.Eng's special installations are equipped with a complete fire/explosion safety system, with Atex or IECex certification to ensure the customer's safety in the production process. SA.Eng manufactures special installations in compliance with national and international regulations. Our expertise in the field of special installation treatment and disposal is remarkable and makes us a reliable partner.

What are the technical characteristics of special installations by SA.Eng?
Special installations of SA.Eng can be two or four shaft plants. 
Two-shaft shredders are low speed rotation machines. These are machines for 'breaking' material to be sent for further processing. The size of the material is not regulated, which is why these machines have an average high hourly capacity (between 100 - 25,000 kg/hour) and can process different types of material, including those that need special installation
Since they are grid machines, they have low average hourly capacities (between 500 and 3000 kg/hour) and can process anything from plastics to electronic scrap and similar. The material introduced in the machine is shredded by the two central shafts. If the resulting material is equal to or smaller than the grid, it will fall into the collection area, if it is larger than the grid, it will be taken up by the two upper side shafts that bring it back to the centre of the machine for further shredding.

In this page we explained our special installations.
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