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SA.Eng manufactures and sells plants dedicated to shipboard installation. The shipboard installation of SA.Eng plants takes place in the galleys or in front of ship’s incinerators, as well as on the decks of oil platforms or in material recovery holds before going ashore. 

This means machines conceived and designed according to specific rules, for shipboard installation. For shipboard installation special configurations are necessary: special coatings and long-lasting materials capable of resisting salt corrosion. These are just a few of the distinguishing features of these ship board shredders. On board installations are equipped with systems certified by notified bodies which ensure its compliance with current regulations regarding shipboard installation.

What plants are designed to shipboard installation?
A plant for shipboard installation is for instance SA2-500 model. This recycling plant is a certified machine for shipboard installation which includes the MARPOL73/78 certification - Attachment V (it identifies the kind of work these machines must do) as well as specific technical machines configurations, such as production materials, special painting, etc. This model is an industrial shredder with twin-shaft suitable for volumetric reduction of materials without size adjustment. Thanks to its dimensions, it is suitable for shipboard installation

The twin-shaft shredder is a low-speed rotation machine, also called “primary”. It is normally used in the first phase of waste processing. Two-shaft shredders are machines for 'breaking' material to be sent for further processing. The size of the material is not regulated, which is why these machines have an average high hourly capacity (between 100 - 25,000 kg/hour) and can process different types of material, from plastic to tyres, from urban waste to scrap.

Furthermore, SA.Eng recycling machines are designed to be installed in dangerous workspaces, i.e.oil tankers and/or offshore oil platforms. In these cases, are ATEX/IECEx certified. 

What kind of waste is produced on shipboard? 
The waste produced on shipboard is both urban (paper, glass, plastic, bottles, food waste) and various types of aqueous waste (such as wastewater, oily waste residues and ballast water discharge, that is the water used to ballast ships). Lastly, other waste are special particular waste and medical waste.  

Waste produced on ships must be differentiated, sorted or recycled thanks to shipboard installation recycling plants. SA.Eng deals with shipboard installation of waste shredding plants. SA.Eng sells recycling plants for shipboard installation, however, as a general rule everything that cannot be disposed of by shipboard installation shredding systems such as those of SA.Eng must be disposed of by the ship at the first available port in the appropriate collection facilities.

What are the advantages of shipboard installation of SA.Eng?
Although waste volume may vary depending on the number of people on board, space is still limited on a vessel, which is why it is important for SA.Eng's shipboard installation to be equipped with facilities that reduce the volume of waste, such as shredders. The purpose of shipboard installation can benefit at an environmental and economical level:

  • Shipboard installation by SA.Eng help with waste recycle,this reduces the discharge of waste and hazardous materials into the sea. 
  • It is also an economic advantage, since shipboard installation allow for a considerable material recovery.  

In this page we spoke about shipboard installation and plants for waste treatment
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