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SA.Eng deals with the design of plants for plastic materials shredding
With SA.Eng plants, you can shred plastics of different types for subsequent recovery systems. The recycle of plastic materials is necessary for our environment protection. 

Plastic materials are by far the most recyclable and reusable ones.  
For about 25 years SA.Eng has been manufacturing shredders and plants for the recycle of plastics and more. The company's experience is therefore very good, not only in production but also in post-installation assistance and after-sales services.

Which objects in plastic is it possible to shred?
The plants of plastic materials shredding deal with: 

  • Fruit and vegetable crates
  • Bottles
  • Flacons
  • Car bumpers
  • Drums
  • Plastic tanks

An example of system for treatment of plastic materials is Industrial Shredder SA2-1300 fitted with 30mm blades. This shredder for the recycle of plastic materials presents: 

  • Conveyor belt complete with magnetic separation system
  • Granulation mill with screen
  • A plant that allows material washing and separation
  • A following centrifuge dryer 
  • Stock

What is the difference between two shaft shredders and four shaft shredders?
The two shaft shredders are low rotation speed machines also called “primary”, which are normally used in the first step of waste processing. 

Two-shaft shredders are machines for 'breaking' material to be sent for further processing. The size of the material is not regulated, which is why these machines have an average high hourly capacity (between 100 - 25,000 kg/hour) and can process different types of material, from plastic to tyres, from urban waste to scrap waste.

Four-shaft shredders are machines that, unlike two-shaft shredders, can have a grid applied to adjust the size of the output material. The material introduced in the machine is shredded by the two central shafts. If the resulting material is equal to or smaller than the grid, it will fall into the collection area, if it is larger than the grid, it will be taken up by the two upper side shafts that bring it back to the centre of the machine for further shredding until it is of a suitable size for unloading.
The four-shaft shredders can be used as primary or secondary machines based on the type of material that needs to be shredded. Since they are grid machines, they have low average hourly capacities (between 500 and 3000 kg/hour) and can process anything from plastics to electronic scrap and similar.

What are the advantages of plants for plastic materials shredding of SA.Eng?
Our plants for the recycle of plastic materials allow volume reduction, so that transportation costs are also reduced. What’s more, the plastic materials are prepared for further processing.

The plants for plastic materials shredding designed and installed by SA.Eng are personalised: they take into account both materials treated by the client, as well as the space available. As a result, a custom-made plastic shredder machine is designed, taking into account the demands and needs of each company. Each system of plastic materials shredding is always installed in total safety and in compliance with current norms.  
Plants for plastic materials recycle by SA.Eng are made of two or four shaft shredders, based on the customer’s requirements, on the type and quantity of the disposal materials. 

During recycling, the material may already be reused in the same production process, or it could be made available for further treatment and production processes.

The plastic materials shredding is necessary for our environment. 
The field of plastic recycling is fundamental, not only from an economic point of view, but also environmentally. Millions of tonnes of plastic end up in the sea every year, destroying our ecosystem. The problem with plastic as we know is its slow natural decomposition. The plastic materials shredding, possible thanks to SA.Eng recycle plants, makes possible the plastic recycling and thus the protection of environment and our own lives. 

In this page we spoke about plastic materials shredding
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