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SA.Eng designs and produces machines stand-alone and/or installations for hazardous waste treatment. The production of installations for the hazardous waste treatment is therefore the main activity of SA.Eng. The company is able to provide for two kinds of machines for hazardous waste treatment, single shredder for hazardous waste, which can be exclusively used for the simple reduction of waste volume, and secondly SA.Eng can provide for the entire facility, that is to say a complete system that allows both the shredding phase and the subsequent separation of the different hazardous waste parts. 
Hazardous waste disposal is carried out in a controlled atmosphere.

What is hazardous waste?
Hazardous waste defines those materials, which contain polluting and harmful substances. These are classified based on the kind of danger, i.e.: inflammable, carcinogenic, corrosive, infectious, etc. For the hazardous waste disposal therefore, it is needed particular attention to the collection and transportation. 

Why choosing SA.Eng for hazardous waste treatment?
SA.Eng is a company that works not only at national level but also internationally, in foreign countries. Our activity has 25 long years of experience in the hazardous waste field. We offer standard solutions for hazardous waste treatment as well as the chance to realise a personalised plant through the study of the specific needs of each client. SA.Eng offers the possibility to “turnkey” installation, with complete plants with machines and accessories for recycling hazardous materials, such as conveyor belts or safety systems for operator protection.

Safety in systems of hazardous waste treatment:
Hazardous waste treatment plants are provided with comprehensive fire and/or explosion prevention systems and are additionally Atex certified. These certifications regulate explosion-prone equipment and workplaces are managed.
For years, SA.Eng has dedicated itself to the business of hazardous waste treatment in compliance with national and international regulations, acting in respect of environmental protection. 
Hazardous waste if not treated correctly is in fact extremely harmful for the environment and people’s health. 

Which kind of assistance is given by SA.Eng after the installation of hazardous waste plants?
During after sales of hazardous waste plants, if required SA.Eng will replace worn out components with new ones. Spare parts are available in stock, installation service is also available if required.  Furthermore, in the spare parts warehouse has always available the so called “essential spare parts”. 
Particular attention is paid to the training of workers using shredders of hazardous waste. This allows our customer to save by proceeding directly to the replacement of worn out parts and by quickly identifying possible machine malfunctions. 

Our machines for hazardous waste treatment are: SA2 1300 XS, SA2 1500, SA4 1300.

In this page we spoke about hazardous waste treatment.
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