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SA.Eng is specialised in food waste recycling, which is a theme of great importance in our society today. FAO, the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations has estimated that around 1.3 billion tonnes of food are thrown away each year during the various steps of the food supply chain.

When describing the dynamics linked to food waste, it is worth making a basic distinction between two fundamental concepts, 'food losses' and 'food waste':

  • Food losses are edible foods that get “lost” in production chain;
  • Food waste, instead, is the amount of uneaten food after being placed on the market, i.e. at the distribution and household consumption stages.

SA.Eng with its plants for food waste recycling wants to retrieve food waste and the resulting reduction of the volume destined for landfill. Food waste recycling is a buzzing and ever changing theme, just think about how the University of Tokyo found a way to create construction material from orange peel. 

What plant has SA.Eng created for food waste recycling?
SA.Eng, for food waste recycling, has created ERASER. 
ERASER is a plant that can collect non re-usable food scrap and process it in order to separate it from its packaging; and the resulting reduction of the volume destined for landfill. 

The fields of application for EREASER by SA.Eng are various. It is a machine specifically designed for food waste recycling:

  • Treatment of food waste;
  • Industrial waste treatment such as pesticides, cosmetics and similar;
  • Treatment of bottled or canned drinks;
  • Pulper treatment; 
  • Drywall treatment; 
  • And many more. 

Non-reusable food waste from supermarkets or food companies is treated to separate the organic fraction from its packaging. Thanks to the ERASER system of food waste recycling, it possible to process those scraps getting:

  • Organic material to be send to Biogas plants or for animal feed industries;
  • Cleaned packaging from package fraction to be sent to the plastic recycling system (or incineration sites if not recyclable).

SA.Eng provides for the installation of the ERASER food waste recycling plant in total safety and in compliance with current regulations. Our engineers design customised food waste recycling plants for each company, taking into account each customer's specific needs. 

What are the advantages of food waste recycling?
The benefits of food waste recycling are the reduction of greenhouse gases and less use of resources like water or energy during production. About 15% of waste comes from the processing and storage of fruit and vegetables. In Italy, food waste and waste produced by the food industry alone amounts to approximately two million tonnes of food every year. Food waste then is the main challenge for food sustainability. Monitoring and food waste recycling are necessary both to curb the problem of food waste and to improve company production processes. 

In this page we spoke about food waste recycling.
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